Cactus Blue Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean) est. 2012

Cactus Blue Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean) est. 2012

Hi there, my name is Thamara and I am the proud owner & proprietor of the Cactus Blue Food Truck on Bonaire since April 2016.

Cactus Blue Bonaire is all about the juiciest Hamburgers & tastiest Wraps. We’re also the only lunch-address that has the Lion Fish burgers & Lion Fish wraps and a delicious homemade dessert called ‘Flamingo Droppings’. Of course there’s Lays Chips, Doritos and Cheetos for starters and we have ice cold water, softdrinks and locally made Fresh Fruit Juices for you.

Many people tell us that their lunch at Cactus Blue is one of their finest dive intervals or lunch-stops on Bonaire, period. And most costumers come back regularly, often within the same week…

In 2013, I have worked for the first owner and Cactus Blue-founder ‘Chef Hagen’ and he himself taught me the trade. We’ve mostly kept the same recipes from those early days ‘cause that’s how we got famous in the first place’. Also we’ve raised the bar quite a bit with our own brandnew spices-mix, some more menu-options and the dessert. Expect consistency in operations, quality, service with a smile and taste.

Every workday (Monday – Friday) we’re open for lunch between 11AM and 3PM. Our fixed location is right at a beautiful divesite with #37 called ‘Corporal Meiss’. The exact place where all airplanes come in ‘right over your head’ when they land. (This beach is also known as ‘Donkey Beach’)

We are looking forward to serving you the best hamburgers, wraps and Lionfish Burgers Bonaire has to offer for many years to come on Donkey Beach Bonaire. Hope to see you soon at Cactus Blue Food Truck!

Chef Tham